Equipment Rental

Gilmour & Company provides portable lime slaking equipment and portable storage silos to the mining, industrial/municipal and hazardous waste industries. We can assist with portable lime system setup, operational training and safety training related to the handling and processing lime.

Portable Lime Slaking Equipment

Gilmour & Company provides portable lime slaking/mixing units for producing a lime slurry on site. We work with clients to design the setup for their specific application taking into account the site terrain, conditions, and quantity of lime needed.

Our services encompass the following areas:

  • Equipment Specs and Rental
  • Safety Training
  • Equipment Set Up
  • Temporary Backup to Slaking Equipment
  • Product & Operations Training
Equipment Rental Batch Slaker

A batch slaker is often the best solution to provide lime slurry for temporary or special on-site lime applications.

Portable Lime Storage Silos

Gilmour & Company also provides portable storage silos to the mining, industrial and municipal industries in combination with our lime slakers or as stand-alone storage for lime, cement, and fly ash.

Equipment Rental Low Profile Silo

Typical portable storage silo has a capacity range of 800 – 2000 cubic feet.

Equipment Rental Portable Silo