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The concept of stabilizing soils with lime or cement is well documented. Lime Kiln Dust (LKD) is a lime-based admixture that can be a very effective stabilizer in many soil types.

LKD's blend of lime, silicates and other reactive and inert constituents work together with many soils to increase the durability and load-bearing strength of the soil.

LKD goes beyond simple lime treatment because it contains very fine materials, which can modify the particle size distribution of soil. This, along with the active lime content, makes LKD suitable for stabilizing a range of problematic soils.
Lime Kiln Dust soil stabilization.
Spreader truck spreads
LKD while a pulverizer (left)
thoroughly mixes it in.

Road pulverizer mixes Lime Kiln Dust for road stabilization.
Road pulverizer mixes
LKD on road stabilization
project. LKD is a fine, dry
powder. The normal method
of delivery is via pneumatic