Lime Application Services

Gilmour & Company works primarily with the mining, waste remediation and construction industries to resolve their challenges in using and applying lime. Our experience in treating mine waste, acid ponds, odor control, waste stabilization and soil remediation allows the customer to focus on operations.

Mining Industry Applications

Gilmour & Company can provide lime for application on heap leach pads, mine waste water, lagoons or ponds, as well as lime slurry backup for site slaker maintenance and repair.

We can provide portable slakers and, in some cases, tanker trucks to transfer the slurry where needed as well as pumping equipment for lime application.

Minin Industry Application

Liming an acid pond is a frequent solution for mine waste ponds.

Odor and pH Control

Applying lime slurry to a pond effectively accomplishes the objective of raising the pH and/or controlling odor. This application allows the lime to spread evenly on the surface and begin neutralization before settling to the bottom. In contrast, single-point discharge has a tendency to saturate the local area, causing unreacted lime to settle out.

A lime slurry is easily and safely spread onto the surface of a pond in a dust-free application for pH adjustment. It is a pronounced benefit over the hazardous approach of dumping sacks of lime into a pond or attempting to apply it in a dry, bulk form.

Gilmour & Company is experienced in working with industrial, municipal and hazardous waste ponds.

Lime Application

We work with you to find a way to apply lime to a pond for odor control and pH adjustment.

Waste Stabilization

Alkaline admixtures are routinely used to treat hazardous wastes. Gilmour & Company can work with a customer to test various admixtures that can successfully stabilize the waste over the desired length of time.

Waste Stabilization

Soil Remediation

Lime slurry is spread evenly over arsenic tainted ground to be later pulverized in surface treatment of heavy metals.

Soil Remediation