Lime Kiln Dust

Lime Kiln Dust (LKD) is a co-product of the lime manufacturing industry. Its chemical makeup of quicklime, silicates and other reactive and inert materials make it uniquely suitable for: soil stabilization (with certain soil types); soil drying and conditioning; industrial waste stabilization/remediation; and agricultural use.

Soil Stabilization

The concept of stabilizing soils with lime or cement is well documented. Lime Kiln Dust (LKD) is a lime- based admixture that can be a very effective stabilizer in many soil types.

LKD’s blend of lime, silicates and other reactive and inert constituents work together with many soils to increase the durability and load-bearing strength of the soil.

LKD goes beyond simple lime treatment because it contains very fine materials, which can modify the particle size distribution of soil. This, along with the active lime content, makes LKD suitable for stabilizing a range of problematic soils.

Lime Kiln Dust Soil Stab

The normal method of delivery is via pneumatic truck. Above, road pulverizer mixes LKD on road stabilization project.

Soil Drying / Conditioning

Lime Kiln Dust will react with water, chemically absorbing water and, at the same time, producing heat which can cause evaporation. This allows the moisture content in wet and unworkable soils to be adjusted to a more optimum value.

One common application would be a building site during a wet, rainy season. Absorption of free water can result in a soil meeting certain moisture and compaction specifications, thereby avoiding the costly removal and replacement of material.

Out-of-spec soil with too high a moisture content can be dried very effectively with LKD. Quite often, simply mixing in a small percentage of LKD with the wet soil will bring the soil characteristics into spec and eliminate the need to bring in fill material, potentially saving thousands of dollars.

Lime kiln Dust - Soil Drying/Conditioning

A muddy building site is dried and stabilized with Lime Kiln Dust. Steam results from the calcium oxide content of LKD.


Agricultural Lime

Used in light doses associated with agricultural lime application rates, Lime Kiln Dust and Lime Slurry can be an excellent ag-lime. In fact, their high calcium and fast acting lime component suggests that less lime may be used compared to standard ground limestone. As always, consult your local soils engineer for the appropriate application.

Gilmour & Company’s LKD is regularly tested for purity and has proven to be an excellent source for ag lime.

Effective Agriculture Lime

Lime Kiln Dust can be used as an effective agriculture lime. (PHOTO CREDIT: Pete Arnott)