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Gilmour & Company, a Washington corporation, began its operations in 1969.

Who we are

Gilmour & Company’s objective is to provide innovative solutions for various lime use applications and to provide these solutions at as low a cost as possible.

Gilmour & Company has operations in the Pacific Northwest, California, and Rocky Mountain region. It maintains supply sources in each of these areas to serve its diverse customer base.

In the case of site application services, Gilmour & Company can extend its geographic reach since it can access other sources of lime.


team 1

Ridgely H. Gilmour - President

At the helm since the 1980s, Ridge continues to widen the company’s focus in lime treatment solutions.

team 1

Mark A. Gilmour - Vice President

Mark joined the company in 1992 and oversees the operations in Washington.


Gilmour & Company is a Washington Corporation with operations in the Northwest, West and Rocky Mountain regions.

The company, founded by Craddock Matthew (Matt) Gilmour in 1969, had an original mission of supplying by-product lime slurry as a low-cost replacement for commercial lime. Today, Gilmour & Company handles various lime products, including commercial lime, Lime Kiln Dust, custom lime/fly ash blends and carbide lime slurry. We also provide on-site lime application services, including equipment rental and operational training, and assist diverse industries in resolving lime treatment issues.

Craddock Spokane 1970

As an attorney working in the mining industry, Craddock (Matt) Gilmour became immersed in limestone quarries and along the way, he discovered an alternative replacement for commercial lime: Carbide Lime Slurry. (Craddock Spokane 1970)